Emerald City Roller Derby Pudding Wrestling

Photo by Benjamin Seese

Ric Flair may be the greatest professional wrestler alive, but when it comes to pudding wrestling, you have a chance to prove you’re as good as the Nature Boy. Pudding Wrestling is a fundraiser and recruiting event for the Emerald City Roller Derby. The (pudding) squared circle is open for skaters, officials, volunteers and fans. That means anyone with the grappling skills can seize the honor of wrestling warrior. The event is cohosted with Lane County Concussion Men’s Roller Derby. If enough men are interested in wrestling, there will be a men’s bracket. If interested in wrestling, email vicepresident@ecrg.com. If you’re looking to get involved with roller derby, skaters and volunteers are available to talk to you about the sport and how to sign up for the upcoming season.  

Pudding Wrestling runs 7 to 11 pm Saturday, Aug. 31, at Blairally Vintage Arcade, located at 245 Blair Boulevard. Tickets are $5 for general admission and $10 for VIP and Splash Zone seating; 21-plus.

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