We Tried the New Voodoo Doughnut Cannolos

Inspired by the Sicilian cannoli, Voodoo's Cannolo brings its patented sweetness to the table

Voodoo Doughnut is the one place that isn’t afraid to put research and development into innovating food — even when for many customers the menu-favorite is the Cock n’ Balls item.

After two years of development, Voodoo released new pemanent menu items: the Cannolo. Voodoo’s Cannolo has three flavors, and the company hooked Eugene Weekly up with some samples.

The menu item is basically a cannoli, a magical Sicilian dessert consisting of fried dough and filled with creamy goodness, but Voodoo tweaked the original recipe. Voodoo’s Cannolo is a raised yeast swirled doughnut, so it’s missing that cannoli crunch.

The Cannolo comes in three flavors: pumpkin, almond and raspberry. As with most doughnuts from Voodoo, the cream was incredibly sweet, requiring us to take an extra gulp of coffee in between bites.

The pumpkin Cannolo came across a lot like a slice of pumpkin pie especially with the doughnut’s soft dough. For the pumpkin pie lovers, this is the Cannolo for you. Although the level of sweetness hit us hard, adding a little bit of Cool Whip to the pumpkin Cannolo would bring some Thanksgiving vibes — without the required family conversations.

The raspberry cream filling comes across a little like a raspberry flavored Go-Gurt because each bite into the soft dough forces filling into your mouth. For the nostalgic millenials, this might be the experience you’ve been waiting for.

Then there’s the almond filling. The flavor to the almond Cannolo is fresh and cleanses the taste buds; its sweetness isn’t as overpowering as the other two Cannolos and the typical doughnut from Voodoo. The almond flavor is almost like a gateway into the Cannolo world, a way to see if you’re really interested in investing your stomach to the experience.

The Cannolos are a part of Voodoo’s plans to expand its menu and offer more products to customers. The Portland-based company plans to open more stores later this year, according to a press release.

We are not sugar high.

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