The ‘Future President’ Comes to Eugene

Judah Friedlander tells Eugene Weekly that if the U.S. makes the right decision, he’s our future president. Known for his roles in Wet Hot American Summer, 30 Rock and American Splendor, Friedlander has been in stand-up for 30 years he says. He’s holding town hall sessions — which others might call stand-up comedy sets — throughout the U.S. In these mock town hall centers, he lets the audience ask questions about his policies on racism, capitalism, socialism and anything else you’d want to ask a future president. But before he was “future president,” he was the “world champion.” That change happened about 10 years ago while he was on tour in Europe. As he learned about European countries, he started to see the narcissism inherent in the U.S. “The propaganda that comes from both of the major political parties of our country plus the news media is that we’re No. 1,” Friedlander says. He adds that this is what we’re taught in schools about American exceptionalism. He wrote material satirizing American values and beliefs and recorded stand-up sets in the pre-Trump era. In 2018, Netflix released Judah Friedlander: America is the Greatest Country in the United States. The special covers data that makes America No. 1, such as women in the U.S. love the economy so much they don’t take any maternity leave. 

Friedlander’s show is 8 pm Sunday, Oct. 20, at Whirled Pies, located at 199 W. 8th Avenue. Tickets are $20, day of the show, $25. 

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