The Best Of Eugene 2019-2020

Welcome to our annual readers poll of your favorite things

It’s the one and only Best of Eugene — no, seriously, there are imitators but Eugene Weekly’s got the original reader-survey “Best of” in this town. Every year we ask you to tell us about your favorite things in the area, and for some categories it’s clear that the more things change, the more things stay the same. Other places you voters shake it up a bit. Either way, we celebrate longtime winners and those new to the top three.

We also asked you readers to tell us what’s best about EW, and because we are journalists who fancy ourselves thick-skinned, we also asked you what’s the worst. Truth be told, for some EW writers it’s a badge of honor to wind up with some worst votes — if you aren’t pissing people off, you aren’t shaking things up.

We were unsurprised to find out your favorite thing about EW is that we are free. We are pretty thrilled about that, too. 

The fact that many of you hate the weed ads that are a part of what pay for this free paper also cracks us up. But readers are nothing if not mercurial — for a lot of you those same ads for the devil’s lettuce is one of your fave things about EW.  

Among the worst things about EW are:

Only published weekly, it still exists, only on Thursdays, far too left, too liberal, mild progressive bias, sometimes a little too alternative, not enough puppies and at least you guys are trying.

And among the best are:

Free, local and independent, the calendar, letters to the editor, elevates voices of marginalized communities, free news with snark every week, left leaning, liberal slant, the pet issue, and that you are here at all.

Our takeaway: We are here, we are free, and we’re with you on the puppies. 

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