Eugene Weekly Makes its Pro Wrestling Debut

During POW! Pro Wrestling show, two wrestlers use EW's Nov. 5 'Nerd Issue' in match

'King of Pop Culture' HBQ waits to be tagged in so he can ask Dr. Kliever for an autograph.

Some of pro wrestling’s deadliest weapons include kendo sticks, steel chairs, barbed wire-wrapped baseball bats and flaming tables. Now joining the ranks of wrestling tools is the Eugene Weekly.

During a four-way tag team elimination match at POW! Pro Wrestling’s Nov. 17 show, “King of Pop Culture” HBQ asked Dr. Kliever to sign his autograph on EW‘s Nov. 5 issue. Both wrestlers are on the cover of the EW, though Dr. Kliever is the victim of the treacherous camel clutch maneuver delivered by HBQ.

After Dr. Kliever signed his autograph, he struck HBQ. It wasn’t long until the newspaper was torn to shreds.

EW may not have survived the match, but don’t worry. We’re putting time in the gym to last longer next time.

POW! Pro Wrestling’s next show is Jan. 12 at the UO’s Gerlinger Hall

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