Firing Squad Tactics

Thank you Nancy Curran for speaking up in regards to the Impeachment Eve rally (“A Sad End to the Evening,” 1/2). I was there, too, and I along with a large contingent of folks left the event disgusted as soon as the “endorsement announcement” happened. It was not the venue for this kind of announcement, was in extremely bad form and made it seem like this organization is on the wrong track and clueless.

I wrote directly to Indivisible Eugene that same evening and still have not received acknowledgement or a reply.

Many hands and hearts have worked hard to make a name and a nonprofit legal 501c4 status for this group with the potential to make a difference. That night, Indivisible managed to make its own name divisive, tanking its credibility in my mind.

If this was indeed because of three people in the group, all three need to go now, and the group’s supporters need to know what happened. If they are going to live up to their mission statement “to build a local, inclusive resistance movement to oppose regressive policies,” there can be no more bullshit circular firing squad tactics.

A follow up story would be much appreciated.

Brian QTN


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