King Turd

The letter re: Trump must have been written “tongue in cheek” by Jim Remington (“Trump Delusions,” 2/27). He has stated all the obvious and horrendous opposites of the truth that is Trump.

Trump is an egotistical maniac who cares for no one except himself and Ivanka, and believes now that the Senate did not convict him, he has the right to proclaim anything he chooses. And he chooses to be king of America!

Categorically, he does not have a kind bone in his body; he is dishonest, obviously cannot read, depends on Fox News nightly for his edicts, has no knowledge of the Constitution or the law of the land, has alienated us from our former allies, disrespects citizens of color, gender, sexual orientation and religion, and has cheated on all of his wives.

He has cheated contractors and other persons that have worked for him, and will not show the American people his tax returns because he is a cheat. He has terminated anyone in his administration that has a mind that functions and is smarter than him. He chastises co-workers, puts down people in every element of society and is a major racist.

This person has no respect for anyone and sits in his little Lincoln bedroom at night with all of his TV sets, eating his McDonald’s burgers and drinking his case of Cokes, and makes decisions for the greatest country in the world that he is destroying each day.

Please do not vote for this worst of all human beings!

Marlene S. Pearson


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