Turmeric Bliss

Coconut Bliss's new Golden Banana Brownie Swirl for your healthy pandemic 4/20 munchies

There are some themes running through the COVID-19 experience. Stress eating, trying to stay healthy, consuming more cannabis because one, this is Oregon and it’s “essential” and two, because of the aforementioned stress.

So the few folks in Eugene Weekly‘s socially distant and quiet office were thrilled that Coconut Bliss sent us a pint of their new Golden Banana Coconut Swirl ice cream just in time for 4/20, and in the middle of our stressing out about that whole “keeping a newspaper alive during a global pandemic” thing.

Coconut Bliss says of the new flavor: “Crafted with the finest organic and ethically sourced ingredients, Golden Banana Brownie Swirl is a decadent non-dairy ice cream made with bananas, chocolate and a hint of a very special ingredient: turmeric.”

They had us at the brownie and banana. The turmeric appealed to me, but induced skepticism in our other tasters. “I was very worried when I saw the word turmeric,” staff writer Henry Houston admits.

Coconut Bliss points to turmeric’s medicinal properties: “Thanks to a compound it contains known as curcumin, which boasts a variety of beneficial effects including anti-inflammatory properties.”

And the local frozen treat company continues, the spice “adds an earthy spice and aroma to complement the sweetness of the banana and chocolate.”

Personally, I am not a banana fan, so for me the turmeric took the edge off what could have been too much sweet banana. And did I mention you can’t go wrong if mix brownie into something?

“You feel better about eating a whole pint of one these than one of Ben and Jerry’s,” muses staff writer Taylor Perse.

We checked, and while both brands are ethically sourced, Coconut Bliss comes out ahead on calories if we compare to Ben and Jerry’s famed banana flavored ice-cream, Chunky Monkey.

Banana Swirl is vegan, non-GMO and 280 calories in a 2/3 cup serving (850 total) Chunky Monkey is dairy but cage-free, non-GMO and “caring dairy” and comes in at 400 calories at 2/3 cup serving (1200 total).

That of course only matters if you are worried about putting on the COVID-19 15. The rest of us are just stress-eating sweet, cold goodness, thinking of the summer ahead and wondering if we will ever be able to hang out outside and not have to pull down our face masks to snarf ice cream.

Two washed-several-times-and sanitized thumbs up for Golden Banana Coconut Swirl.