Intensify Your Workout

Turn COVID-19 into CrossFit-20 with CrossFit Intensify

CrossFit Intensify general manager and head trainer Colin Schoonover says the gym’s ultimate goal has always been to bring health and fitness to the local community. 

“We try to make it more accessible for people,” he says. 

While the gym has been closed and its equipment lent out to members, CrossFit Intensify is bringing its workouts to everyone in the community — for free — via Zoom.

Schoonover says he knows that most people have limited workout equipment at home, so workouts are scalable — from using your bodyweight to barbells or dumbbells. And if newbies aren’t sure about form, the workout or trying to work around some pre-existing injuries, staff is available to answer questions. 

“We try to be as responsive as possible,” he says. “We’re not in the gym coaching, so we make ourselves reachable.” 

During the virtual workout, coaches make the virtual class as close to the gym experience as possible. At the beginning, coaches brief the workout, talk about the structure of the workout and check in about questions on movement. The workouts have about five to 10 people at a time, and it has the patented CrossFit camaraderie environment where participants cheer each other on to finish the workout strong, he says. 

Schoonover says that stepping into a CrossFit gym can be intimidating, but joining Zoom classes is a way for newcomers to shake off some of the anxiety of getting involved with a new way of working out.  

“Accessing it in your own home will be a great thing for a lot of people,” he says, adding that he encourages nonmembers to workout with the gym online as much as possible.

Workouts via Zoom are 8:30 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. Email to get login credentials.