No Deals on Aerial Pesticide Spraying

SB 1602, the legislative deal brokered by some environmental groups and timber industry representatives, falls well short of actually protecting residents and the environment. Longtime anti-pesticide activist/leader Carol Van Strum decries this so-called “compromise.”

She says SB 1602 “simply dresses up the status quo in new clothes, it’s a giant pacifier to the public.” She asserts that none of the signatories to the memorandum of understanding represent the many residents that have been directly impacted by timber industry practices. VanStrum maintains that the timber industry, backed by the state, has denied affected citizens their voice, but for environmental groups to sign our rights away without our consent is an “unconscionable betrayal.” 

Freedom from Aerial Herbicide Alliance demands a ban on all aerial herbicide spraying on Lane County’s forests. We reject a compromise regarding this archaic and dangerous activity. We will continue to stand up strongly and oppose the continuing assault on our planet and all life. It is unacceptable to sacrifice the health and safety of residents to maximize profits. The most important task before us is stopping the physical destruction of the planet. We are morally obligated to do so. 

Eron King


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