Stop Spraying Toxins

I was pretty disgusted when Eugene Weekly started selling space to Seneca for its slick advertising campaign. Expensive weekly ads featured children, sometimes with Grandma Seneca, amid glowing claims of 40 million trees and counting that they’ve planted. Just how many baby saplings does it take to sequester an equal amount of carbon for the millions of acres that they’ve clearcut over the nearly 70 years that they’ve been “harvesting”?

EW regained an iota of respect from me when it ran a letter on July 16 from Eron King titled “No Deals On Aerial Pesticide Spraying.” Thank you, Ms. King, for speaking out against SB 1602. Clearly you understand that apparently a Senaca grandmother doesn’t have much regard for the grandchildren of rural families. She doesn’t have much concern for future generations who will prefer to have intact forests for all, not just tree farms for her clan.

Seneca’s continuation of the old system of clearcutting huge swaths of land followed by aerial spraying with chemicals that should have been banned decades ago is a blatant slap in the face to my grandmother friends and a smug disregard for our grandchildren. 

My legacy will be that I spent my life in service to clean air, clean water and toxin free food. I put in time and money to stop you from your harmful practices. 

It’s not too late to up your game! Stop aerial spraying toxins. Paraphrasing Eron King, you are morally obligated to do so. 

Bernadette Bourassa



Editor’s note: If it makes you feel better, Seneca finds our ongoing news coverage of its logging practices “false and damaging.” 

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