Photo by Chandlor Henderson

Hate Crime on Emerald Street

Black woman's car vandalized in south Eugene

Felicia Dieter’s car was vandalized with the words “BLM CUNT” and the tires were slashed sometime between 6:45 pm, Sept. 23 and 8 am the next morning. Dieter is the only Black identifying person in her picturesque south Eugene neighborhood. 

“I keep to myself,” Dieter says. “I go to work and I come home. I don’t know who would do this, or why.”

Eugene police assured her that potential hate crimes get pushed to the top of the list. However, she is unsure the person will be brought to justice. Oregon’s hate crime law 166.165 states: Intimidation is when a person commits the crime of intimidation in the second degree if the person tampers or interferes with property because of the person’s perception of the other’s race, color, religion, national origin or sexual orientation. 

“I mean, I doubt the person gets caught, I doubt anything will happen,” Dieter says, “They even slashed my tires. I was headed to work, but then I just couldn’t do it.”

Dieter has been in Eugene for 12 years, but she grew up in Salem. She says this is the first time in her life she has been vandalized in Oregon. Most of her neighbors have Black Lives Matter signs in their laws and windows so she has no idea who it could possibly be. 

Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner says in a press release: “This is unconscionable. We will continue to apply investigative resources to this so we can hold the suspect or suspects accountable for this crime, which would instill fear.”

Skinner continues: “We are sorry this happened to the victim. In these cases, we ensure that The CIty’s [Office of] Human Rights and Neighborhood Involvement is informed so they can follow up with services to help the victim and neighborhood.”

The chief adds that Eugene police will ensure the mayor and City Council are aware of the incident

Dieter’s family has set up a GoFundMe account. Details of the estimated repairs are  pending as the insurance agency has yet to assess the damage. 

Eugene police ask anyone who has information in this case to call 541-682-5111 and reference case 20-15864.

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