Pick a Card, any Card

The win-win of buying a gift card this season

Gift cards are an underrated present. Think about it — what other gift is specific yet generic at the same time? And with a global pandemic running rampant, purchasing gift cards helps local businesses even if the receiver doesn’t use it until halfway through 2021.

The cards themselves being, well, small and thin are also super convenient to mail, which then supports the USPS. Bonus! All this is to say, why not go crazy and get some gift cards for friends, family and neighbors? It’s been a hard year.

In Eugene, plenty of local businesses have gift cards or certificates to offer. Take J. Michaels Books, for example. Instead of trying to figure out what material the bibliophile in your life wants to read, buy them a gift card and let them decide for themselves.

“A lot of people like to maybe send those to people who they can’t actually give presents to in person,” says J. Michaels Books employee Bev Parish. He adds that they have an online catalog, too, where you can find a book you want, buy it and pick it up curbside. 

Tsunami Books and Smith Family Bookstore offer paper gift certificates as well. With Tsunami, certificates are also valid for events when they start again. For Smith Family, you can order your gift card over the phone or in person and there is also the option of having it mailed to you. It won’t expire, either. 

Restaurants and coffee shops offer gift options, too. Earlier in the pandemic, a friend of Eugene Weekly editor Camilla Mortensen dropped off Marché gift cards for some of the staff working here to keep spirits up. I haven’t used mine yet, but I look forward to enjoying some of their fancy food once COVID is behind us. 

The same goes for everyday purchases, like coffee. Buy several $5 or $10 dollar gift cards from your favorite local coffee shop or bakery (meaning not Starbucks) and then hand them out to your colleagues or leave them on a friend’s doorstep. Support your community and your loved ones. It’s a win-win.

Are you a local business that has gift cards or certificates available? Send a note to Editor@EugeneWeekly.com and we will add you to our list online.

Local businesses that offer gift cards:

  • Ciderlicious, available at 675 River Road and online at Cidercentric.Square.Site.
  • Call Me Sweet Tea, available at CallMeSweetTea.com.