Gov. Brown Deserves Our Gratitude

Oregon’s COVID rates of infection have been comparatively good for some time. Today we are 48th in the nation in cases per 100,000 population. Hooray!

Thanks to Gov. Kate Brown, we are safer than 47 other states. Brown’s intelligent decisions to follow the science and her courage in the face of angry mobs are commendable and saved us untold misery and death.

Thanks are also due to the majority of Oregonians who have followed the Centers for Disease Control and state rules to protect themselves and their neighbors. 

Finally, huge thanks to our citizens who stayed home, did not travel nor gather for the holidays. These selfless Oregonians have undoubtedly saved lives. 

As we enter this darkest of winters, may many more of us take additional precautions to save the health and lives of others as well as our own.

Susan M. Connolly


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