Actors Cabaret of Eugene (ACE) Fund Drive

A staple of Eugene arts for the past 42 years is in peril and openly asking for help. Actors Cabaret of Eugene (ACE), which has not had a performance in the past year because of COVID restrictions, is seeking financial assistance from the public through its website. “We’ve produced world premieres, innovative productions of Broadway classics, new works by local playwrights, shows exclusively for kids, shows exclusively not for kids and everything in between,” reads a statement from Jim Roberts, executive director (right), and Joe Zingo, artistic director (left), the founders of ACE. “We’ve been able to do this for over 40 years because the shoestring we lived on was based on our amazing community of volunteer performers and a supportive audience willing to come watch us play.” The last year, though, has been a rough one for ACE, as Roberts and Zingo note that “not being able to to produce shows for over a year and create ticket revenue… is taking an extremely serious toll.” Until that time when restrictions ease and musicals can resume, Roberts and Zingo encourage one and all to help the small venue on Willamette Street. “You know that we’re a unique venue with a unique mission, and you probably know that unique things have a way of disappearing.”

You can donate to Actors Cabaret of Eugene at — Dan Buckwalter