Do Something About Gun Violence

I hadn’t even put together a comment about the last mass shooting before the next one happened. I am sickened by the attacks in Atlanta and Boulder. Gun violence in America has been out of control for a long time.

If I were not involved in the movement to put an end to it, I honestly don’t know how I could live here. But I am, and I work for change alongside some of the fiercest fighters this nation knows: survivors who have become expert advocates; doctors, nurses and paramedics who refuse to “stay in their lane”; volunteers who have become elected legislators, to name a few.

I regularly have the opportunity to witness actions that are happening in Oregon, in other states and at the federal level to address gun violence. Believe me, there is so much happening, and has been for years. You would be astonished. I am filled with hope every time I see the power of this coalition of gun violence prevention activists around the state and country.

This movement needs every one of us. Get informed. Call your legislators. Join a group — there are many. Inaction is no longer an option. 

Diane Peterson


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