What Bottleneck?

Alisa McLaughlin and I inhabit different worlds when it comes to the bottle drop (Letters, 3/25).

For her merely 19 containers, why was she even in line? Up to 50 containers can be hand counted, normally a quick procedure. And then there’s the green bag program, whereby except for obtaining bags and tags, one need not even go inside.

Filthy and noisy? Compared to a hospital, sure, but how could it be otherwise?

Employees overworked? Yes, sometimes, but it seems that more employees would only be in each other’s way.

The one thing that can strongly influence waiting line length — and I’ve corresponded with them about this — is the question of how many machines are functional. It is rare that all 13 machines are in operation at any given time. But considering their complexity, it’s probably a never ending task to keep each machine in top condition.

For me, a bicycle trip to the bottle drop is a bright spot in a boring pandemic world. Where else will you see people happily walking away with money in their hand?

Gerald Morsello


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