by Marco Verch

Some Oregon Counties Requiring Parental Consent For Vaccinating Kids age 15 and up

Both Linn and Yamhill counties are involved in the ongoing discussion

Some Oregon leaders are concerned after finding out at least two counties are requiring parental consent before allowing youth age 15 and up to get a COVID-19 vaccine, which is against state law.

State Rep. Marty Wilde told Eugene Weekly that both Linn and Yamhill counties are currently enforcing this, but that doing so is against the law. Oregon state law states that children 15 and older may give consent to medical care without parent permission.

In an email exchange with state leaders, Linn County Health Department said that since it is its own health clinic providing the vaccines, it is allowed to require consent.

This discussion is ongoing. Wilde said he asked Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum to investigate the situation.

Children aren’t property, they have rights,” Wilde says. ” I would think that would be obvious. Oregon law says they have the right to consent to treatment or decline to consent to treatment for that matter.”

Eugene Weekly has reached out to Lane County for its position on the parental consent issue. Read the full story on Thursday.