Davie Scott Hanes: 1965-2021

While living on the streets, Hanes took others under his wing

Davie Scott Hanes 1965-2021

Davie Scott Hanes, known to many as Scotty, loved the Dallas Cowboys, pizza and his German shepherd, Holly. Those who knew him describe him as loving and selfless, giving to others even when he couldn’t take care of himself.

Hanes died in Springfield on Feb. 1, 2021 at the age of 55. The second of three children, Hanes is survived by a sister, Jackie Nielson Gutierrez, and a brother, Paul Mattson. Hanes is preceded in death by his mother, who he loved and missed very much.

“He was a very kind, old soul,” says Destiney Christianson-Port, an old friend of Hanes who says that he was like a father to her. 

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hanes came to Eugene more than 15 years ago to get some room from his family. He lived unhoused in Salt Lake City and in Eugene. In the year prior to his death, Hanes lived in a supportive housing apartment sponsored by ShelterCare. Christianson-Port says for most of Hanes’ life, he battled chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which made everyday living difficult for him. 

Hanes met Christianson-Port around 10 years ago, when they both lived at the skatepark at Washington-Jefferson Park. She says when they first met, he was grumpy and shy. They then became close because Hanes’ dog was named Holly and Christianson-Port had a daughter named Holly. Hane’s dog was later adopted out through Greenhill Humane Society. 

Hanes really liked pizza, Christianson-Port says. Every month, when he received his social security check, they would get Domino’s Pizza and eat it on the porch of the Oregon Country Fair office. 

Like many others who have lived on the streets, Hanes struggled with addiction, but was eventually able to secure housing. Christianson-Port says Hanes’ ShelterCare apartment was decorated with memorabilia from the Dallas Cowboys including jerseys and posters. He was lonely in his apartment, but happy to be housed. 

“He had no help really,” Christianson-Port says. 

When Hanes and Christianson-Port hung out, they spent their time joking around with one another. Hanes talked and dreamed about fishing and traveling but never got the chance because he got really sick, she says. Christianson-Port and her boyfriend visited his apartment regularly. 

The official cause of death was an overdose on methamphetamine, Christianson-Port says, because according to the reports, the county found the paraphernalia in his apartment. Hanes sister, Jackie Nelson Gutierrez, says that he was cremated and his ashes were sent to his family. The state Medical Examiner Division did not provide information on his cause of death as of press time. 

Christianson-Port says Hanes specifically requested to have “Fuck yeah, Scotty” be put in his obituary, because “every time we’d see him we’d say that,” she says. She believes Hanes knew that his time was coming, and wanted to get to his mother and see her again.

“He was a great man,” she says. “We miss him.”

After publication, a family member of Hanes reached out to Eugene Weekly to provide clarification. The story has been updated.

Eugene Weekly seeks to run an obituary for every person who dies homeless in Lane County in 2021. This is the seventh we’ve published so far. If you know of someone who has died here while homeless this year, please let us know at Editor@EugeneWeekly.com.

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