Borgen Project Is About Supporting Corporations

It is important to understand non-governmental organizations and what their true goals in the world are. (“The U.S. Can Lead Again” by Sydney Werner, Letters 6/3). The Borgen Project is run by a bunch of multimillion dollar CEOs and, of course, Adam Smith, a congressman from Washington state. They want us to believe that they want to save the world while, in fact, the record of these corporations and individuals is that they want to continue stealing resources from poor countries. They clearly are out to push the U.S. rules-based order, or, you do what we say or we will bomb you back to the dark ages, or we will start a coup or color revolution in your country.

 Werner would do well to understand the U.S. is by far the biggest contributor of violence and poverty in the world. In my lifetime we have destroyed well over 15 countries, all based on lies. The Pentagon takes more than 60 percent of our discretionary budget and creates these lies. Poverty in this country goes up as all the discretionary funds go to the Pentagon rather than roads, dams, schools, healthcare, housing, rails and dealing with climate change. I will no longer vote for or support anyone who supports the Pentagon and its NGOs

Susan Macomson


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