Eugene Weekly Celebrates International Dog Day

Take a break from current events and enjoy this dog day

Calendar Editor Dan Buckwalter gives daily massages and pets to the office dogs, but only has cats.

You don’t have to ask someone at the Eugene Weekly twice for them to share a photo of their dogs. Since Aug. 26 is International Dog Day, EW‘s staff went “doggone” crazy and decided to show the world our furry friends, which range from pit bulls to corgi-mixes to well-manicured poodles.

If you want more photos of local pets, check out EW‘s 2021 pet contest participants and winners from the Aug. 19 Pets Issue. Also from that issue is a story about a man whose passion for equine began as a child in Mexico and continues to this day in Pleasant Hill and a local farm that uses bison to restore the soil quality and manage the property.

Biggie Pitbull and his brother Aksel the ridgeless ridgeback hang out in Editor Camilla Mortensen’s office and are avid participants in EW‘s endorsements process. (Full disclosure, Congressman Peter DeFazio sometimes greets the dogs before he greets the people. Two paws up.) Biggie is a rescue off the streets of LA and a one-time truffle dog, and he watches over Aksel who is a gregarious frat boy type who happens to have epilepsy.
Director of advertising Rob Weiss’ Chase, Ridley with Ozzie in the background (Rest in Peace Ozzie).
Graphic artist Chelsea Lovejoy and Classified manager Tanner Lovejoy’s Sam, a 7-year-old corgi mix that loves snoozing with the houseplants, getting all of the attention and having a good scrap.
Graphic artist Chelsea Lovejoy and Classified manager Tanner Lovejoy’s Zuzu, a 4-year-old pittie mutt that loves wrasslin’ with her brother, treat-os and zooming around the backyard at the speed of light.
“This year’s International Dog Day is bittersweet. We lost our Floyd in March and just could not envision bringing another dog into our family. But alas — we are dog people and could not help bringing not one, but two poodle puppies into our home,” says business manager Elisha Young.
Business manager Elisha Young’s 5-month-old poodle Jim
Business manager Elisha Young’s 7-month-old poodle Pam
Staff writer Henry Houston’s 5-year old Italian greyhound named Niles. He sometimes wears Doggles so he doesn’t get provoked by squirrels.
Staff writer Henry Houston’s 9-year-old corgi-mix, Finley. He goes wild for the water hose.

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