Obituaries for the Homeless

Please help EW honor the lives of those who have died

As the new year kicks off with ice and snow and torrential rain, the homeless people of Lane County struggle for shelter and survival. In addition to our news coverage of this life and death issue, the writers of Eugene Weekly will continue our project of chronicling the lives of the unhoused people who die in Lane County. 

Below is a list, courtesy of Black Thistle Street Aid, of the people known to have died in 2021. EW was only able to write obituaries for the first 13 people, whose names are in bold type.

If you have contact information for friends and family who might want to talk for an obituary for other people on the list, or information on people who died but are not listed or, sadly, people who die in 2022, please email or call 541-484-0519. 

1. Ivory McCuen

2. Kristi Schmidt

3. Hazel Dai

4. Douglas James Hanson

5. Kim Repp

6. Eugene Winters

7. Davie Scott Hanes

8. Lisa Ann Fowler

9. Deborah “Debbie” Plum

10. Chuck Rintalin

11. Rodney Heckathorn

12. Sarah Fallingwater

13. Shandee Franke

14. Jimmy Clark

15. Anthony Pietrafitta

16. Kermit

17. Tucker

18. JJ 

19. Lane Davis

20. Robert “Montana” Lepper

21. Grant

22. Irish Paul

23. Marcos

24. Ron

25. Mark Corbitt 

26. Jack Edwin Hill

27. Jeremy D.

28. Kelsey Hope

29. Michael

30. Leslie Shoemaker

31. Tamara Hickling

32. Cindy Chance 

33. Shawn Martin

34. Jimbo

35.Thomas Perkalis

36. Sam

37. Scott

38. Unknown man, who died of exposure at a bus stop on Hwy 99

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