Mystery Science 3-Hausen

Despite what the acronym stands for — World Wrestling Entertainment — WWE has been unable to make entertaining movies. Hey, there’s a reason why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood: He didn’t act in a WWE movie. Before WWE lost its legal battle against the World Wildlife Foundation, it was known as WWF (World Wrestling Federation), and the first movie it got involved with was No Holds Barred (1989), leading to a series of more bad movies by the wrestling company. On Saturday afternoon, No Holds Barred gets lampooned by All Elite Wrestling’s Danhausen and POW! Pro Wrestling’s Commissioner Brian Zane, likely making fun of the movie’s very ’80s sound effects and Hulk Hogan’s bad acting. Hogan, in his prime, plays Rip, the WWF heavyweight champion. An evil TV channel owner wants Rip to wrestle for his show, but Rip is faithful to his fans (extolling the sort of values that the real Hogan had). A few things lead to another thing, and Rip ends up clashing with Zeus (Tommy Lister, Jr., who’s better known as Deebo in the Friday and Next Friday movies). You can’t find this movie on any streaming service, so your only shot is to see it get shredded by Zane and Danhausen at Broadway Metro. 

“Mystery Science 3-Hausen” with hosts Danhausen and Brian Zane is 4 pm Saturday, Feb. 19, at Broadway Metro, located at 888 Willamette Street. $30, includes free popcorn and drink; seating is limited. POW! Pro Wrestling then returns to the University of Oregon’s McArthur Court 7:30 pm Saturday, Feb. 19, tickets available for both events at

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