Ketanji Brown (Mostly) Reasonable

Slant (3/31) said Republicans asked ridiculous questions of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, which probably refers to asking her to define a woman. What’s ridiculous is that the question has to be asked in the first place. Her answer cinched the definition of ridiculous when she said she couldn’t say because she wasn’t a biologist. She’s going to learn fairly quickly that the average person doesn’t care about esoteric genetic concepts. They know mom is a woman, dad is a man, and the children are boys or girls.

Everyone understands that some people’s brains don’t match their plumbing, body mass and physical structure. If they want to change their outward appearance, that’s fine, and medical science should take them as far as possible, but a total transformation from male to female or vice versa is still impossible. Using a restroom that matches a person’s outward appearance is not a problem, but a male who merely alters his outward appearance has no right to deprive real girls of fair athletic competition. There might be some girls who don’t care, but it has already mattered when a major title was on the line. 

Apart from flunking biology, Brown appears reasonable, understands the purpose of courts and doesn’t seem to be the hard left activist judge many liberals no doubt crave, but we’ll see. In the end it may not matter anyway, because we are at the point where entire states could remove themselves from the jurisdiction of the federal courts.

Greg Williams