It’s About Choice

Regarding Thomas Alderman’s letter (5/26) on the May 14 rally at the EMU: There is no “pro-abortion” group, anywhere. There are groups for equal rights, for women’s rights and for the choice of women when it comes to their own bodies. No one anywhere is pro-abortion. That is an absurd, disgusting notion and it only serves to fuel the fires of the discussion.

The choice to have or not have an abortion belongs to the women and no one else. It is a difficult decision. It is not taken lightly, and anyone faced with the decision knows the emotional upheaval it can cause. It is the woman’s choice. And that is what women want — a choice.

We need to address the causes, not the outcome. Sex education, access to birth control, rapists being punished for their actions: That is how you slow down the demand for abortion.

Bugger off, Thomas. Until you are pregnant with an embryo that you do not wish to carry, to birth and to care for, you have no say. You want an honest conversation on the subject ? Then stop using inflammatory rhetoric.

Sarah Ruth


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