You Don’t Get To Manage My Body

To Thomas Alderman (“Time For a New Conversation on Abortion,” Letters 5/26). Try this: look in the mirror. You see you. That is the only body over whom you have the prerogative to make choices. You feed your body, exercise it, rest it, take it to the doctor. I do the same to mine. You are not welcome to participate or give input on how I manage my body unless I solicit assistance.

What I do with my body is my choice. The same goes for you. The kind of genitalia we each have is not relevant in who gets to make care choices. The idea of other people having the right to make a choice for me because I am a woman is absurd. Only an old, WASP man could write a letter calling the right for a woman to manage her own body an “atrocity” and “ludicrous.” That is an insult, not an honest conversation. Try again.

Jen Barwood


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