More Guns In Schools Is Not The Answer

Jerry Ritter (Letters 6/2) has asked for statistics about the effect of people with concealed weapons permits in schools. I ask him to show statistics that anyone with guns in schools makes schools safer.

To the best of my knowledge there are no such statistics. We have ample evidence that good guys with guns are no guarantee to keep schools safe from gun violence. We also have statistics that armed school staff are no substitute for school counselors, nurses and school staff trained in de-escalating conflicts to make schools safer than armed guards. 

Placing police in schools does make schools a more hostile environment. The shortcomings of police excessive force and racial bias on students of color do follow the police into the schools. Armed folks with less firearm training will not do any better.

NPR recently aired a story showing that guns in schools don’t make schools safer. They make schools resemble jails. Students don’t trust armed guards any more than jail inmates trust their guards.

Charles Dalton


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