Don’t Deface Private Property For Art

I totally agree with Erica Walla (“Graffiti Has a Place,” Letters 8/4) that cities should give artists walls and let them show their creativity. Only trouble is, graffiti isn’t creative. It all looks the same. Watch any train that goes through town. Ho hum. What these artists are doing is defacing private property and thinking they are Robin Hood’s emissaries.

No, they are law breakers. I’m waiting for one of them to make it good, have a nice swanky building with a great business, and then some punk with a spray can defaces his store front. Graffiti stops being cute and artistically rebellious then. It ranks right up there with slashing tires and arson. Be part of the solution, EW, don’t encourage people to deface private property in the name of art.

Annie Kayner


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