Tina Kotek. Photo by Todd Cooper.

Vote Like Your Uterus Is on the Line — Because It Is

EW’s take on the general election 

Former President Donald Trump didn’t actually grab us by the pussy, but he did kick us in the uterus. He’s thankfully out of office, but his anti-choice, anti-people of color, anti-LGBTQIA, anti-environment legacy lingers. Voting in this election in the wake of the Supreme Court’s rotten, anti-abortion Dobbs decision is one of many small steps we can take to reclaim the good things about our country, our state and our local government. The good folks don’t always win, but we don’t stay down for long. 

So, vote. Vote for good people who care about others, vote for people who care about bodily autonomy and health care and mental health; vote for those who want the unhoused to have homes and those who want people with less money and less access to power to have their lives improved. Vote like the good things in the world — the climate, the community, the ability to have control over your own uterus — are on the line. Because they are. — Camilla Mortensen and the Eugene Weekly editorial board

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