UNtowels and Sustainable Avowals 

Marley’s Monsters sells sustainable household products in Eugene 

Eugene residents looking for sustainable holiday gift options need not go further than Fifth Street Public Market. Marley’s Monsters, which sits along Market Alley, offers an array of locally produced, eco-friendly household products.

Owner Sarah Dooley started the business almost a decade ago, when she realized she could sew her own reusable cloth baby wipes for her first child, Marley. “I saw how much money and waste I was saving from just one little swap,” Dooley says in a video on the store’s website. And the shop grew from there.

Now, Marley’s Monsters offers an array of sustainable items, available online or in person  — from its signature UNpaper towels to reusable sponges, from reusable makeup wipes to biodegradable toothbrushes. The company handmakes its products in Eugene.

“Everybody has the mission of being sustainable,” says Whitney Wilson, the company’s retail manager, “down to ingredients of products.” Most of Marley’s Monsters products use minimal packaging — and the company avoids plastic packaging altogether. 

Wilson has been with Marley’s Monsters since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. She says she appreciates the company’s vision, the communal atmosphere along Fifth Street Market and that employees are treated as “a person first.”

“I think it’s really special,” she says.

Marley’s Monsters products can be found at its Eco-Shop, 550 Pearl Street, suite #160, or online at MarleysMonsters.com. It has wholesale deals with various other online and storefront vendors.