• As we go to print, 2022 is drawing to a close — going out with a bit of a bang between the ice storm and then the windstorm. Got any resolutions for 2023? Here at Eugene Weekly we resolve to keep printing — and yes, that includes printing your crossword and sudoku — to keep highlighting the arts and culture in this community, to keep providing a space for local voices in our opinion section and local writers and interns in our pages, and finally to keep digging deep with our news reporting to hold the powers that be accountable. Big goals, small staff, we got this — and we know you’ve got our backs.

Lovebug is up for adoption at Greenhill Humane Society

• Dog lovers, have you seen Lovebug at Greenhill Humane Society? This elderbull (aka senior pittie-type dog) came to Greenhill after a good Samaritan found her trapped in a crate, down an embankment, with multiple gunshot wounds. She’s missing an eye, but Greenhill says she’s not lost her gentle spirit. Lovebug, who also had several spinal fractures, is ready for adoption to someone who will let her live out her life being loved and cared for. Want to adopt? Go to where you can also donate to Lovebug’s care.  

If you’re lucky enough, as we were, to meet with any of the Ukrainians living or temporarily staying in Eugene, it doesn’t take long to realize their courage and the tragedy of their country and to understand their hatred of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. It also doesn’t take long to realize how fortunate we are to be living peacefully here in the Willamette Valley. 

• Fans are not flocking to watch the Oregon Duck men’s basketball team. Matthew Knight Arena has been less than half full for recent games, including uninspiring losses to Utah Valley and University of California, Irvine. On the flipside, the Duck women are winning more games and drawing more fans. Both teams have lots of room to improve, so let’s hope they start playing so well that fans can’t stay away and the cheers of a packed home court carry them deep into the NCAA tournament.

• Perhaps folks were crabby over Christmas? Or maybe The Register-Guard’s (former) regular letter writers, who are migrating to the only paper in town with an opinion section, are grumblier than ours, but our letters section seems kind of grumpy this week. We do love our opinion pages, so we sure hope folks also think to put pen to page (or cursor to screen as the case is more commonly) to say nice things, too. Saying nice things is a good habit to have (note to self). Crabby writers or not, Eugene Weekly is launching a new weekly newsletter for online-extra opinion content so our community can continue thoughtful dialogue. We will run viewpoints and letters to the editor there — in addition to the print pages you love. Want to subscribe? Stay tuned to

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