Do We Really Care?

Since you asked (Slant, 3/2), no, I don’t think characterizing Eugene as a “really caring place” is accurate if what the question meant was — were we special among cities in the caring department. As you mentioned, the Egan Warming Centers are always in need of more volunteers. Some nights certain warming sites are not opened due to lack of volunteers. St. Vinnie’s often has to send paid staff to fill vacant volunteer spots, thereby bleeding away money that could  be used to help our unhoused community in other ways.

I would even venture to say there were a couple nights this year where the Egan sites were not activated at all due to the likely prospect of not having enough volunteers to safely operate the sites.

No, I don’t think Eugene is a uniquely caring community. Probably average at best. What I do think we are really good at is talking about injustices in the abstract, claiming victimhood and bitching about what others, like the government, aren’t doing.

Dan Dizney