Care With Deeds, Not Words

Per Dan Dizney’s letter (March 9) that Eugene is not a “really caring place,” he’s right. People like to complain about injustice because it’s easy. The Egan Center does need more volunteers, but frankly, paying someone to keep people from freezing to death is not “bleeding away money.” It’s worth it.

Here’s a thought: How about you volunteer to work there, and how about donating money so St. Vinnie’s could pay one of the homeless who show up for the night?

The housing problem is simple but not easy to solve. Give the homeless a warm, safe place to live. But would those who really care dare to make a statement and allow someone to park their car, RV or tent on their property? Getting actively involved is the solution — not bitching about other people’s lack of action.

Alisa McLaughlin


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