Eugene Should Obey The Law

I just read a rather lengthy article in the current Weekly (“City of Eugene Ignores State Law on Camping,” June 15), and I was aghast. Since when does the city of Eugene assume the right to remove the homeless with little or no option with a place to move on? It seems that after the person(s) has been told to leave there may be a deluge of citations due, and if these aren’t paid there might be jail time involved.

The homeless have been a special constant that the city has taken the legal out of legality. As a targeted group they are shuffled from place to place with no actual solution in sight. In the big cities the cops would have a “bum’s rush” whereby vagrants would be rushed to a different location and thereby have them be somebody else’s problem. Now, I ain’t no holy, having them trade a sermon for a meal. Now correct if I’m wrong — Jesu Christos did things differently, the least of which his goodness came with no strings attached.

 It seems that we treat our neighbors with respect and have the city enforce the law rather than change it to one’s convenience.

George G. Brooks


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