Chowing Down On Chow

Thank you for the sweet reviews of two of our favorite new-ish joints (Chow!, July 20).

Krob Krua had been our go-to for authentic Thai hot spectacularities and continued to be throughout the pandemic. The new location, as described in the article, is prime and a lot more comfortable than the former spot.

And while I am a chili relleno snob of the highest order, a solid tostada will also get me every time. The chili verde tostada at the Jaguar Café, topped with a ring of salsa verde and a crown of salsa roja (it’s hot, baby!) has become my new go-to. Nice to hear of another family-run Mex establishment, as with our pals at 1960 Cocina (home of the perfect chili relleño)!

Lea Jones