It’s Best of Eugene!

But you can vote for anyone or anything in Lane County!

It’s time to celebrate what we love about Lane County!

Here are the basic rules:

This is the nomination round. It will be followed by a runoff round. You may vote once in each round. We will only count your vote if you fill in 10 or more categories and provide contact info for verification (this is because as much as we love voter enthusiasm, you can only vote once per round!).

Businesses cannot collect ballots and give them to us in batches. Photocopied ballots are not accepted (not that we’ve ever had ballot stuffing …).

This contest is limited to local and locally based people and institutions. You can vote for chains but they must have a strong local base.

Vote online at Nominations end midnight Sept. 1 and the runoff round begins Sept. 7 and ends noon Sept. 29.

Have fun!

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