Rematriation by Alexi Liotti. Photo Courtesy of Eugene Environmental Film Fest.

Environmental Impacts Caught on Camera

With all the nature Eugene has to offer, it’s the perfect place to host a film festival about the issues our environment faces

It’s time to bring light to our planet’s critical issues. That is what Eugene Environmental Film Festival (EEFF) plans to do. For the fifth year in a row, this 10-day event from Sept. 29 to Oct. 8 hosts films, discussions, workshops, speakers and special events. It’s a way to “provide opportunities to connect participants with outlets to take action on environmental and social justice issues,” according to the EEFF website. To kick off the festival, the Alder Street band will perform their acoustic bluegrass, rock and alternative country rock at WildCraft Cider Works 8 pm Sept. 29. EEFF aims to understand and address the exploitation and harm to the environment. Each day, different events will take place, including a family tree walk and fall fest, a panel on bees and toxins, an ecology hike and more. A theme is designated to each day-of-action, which correlates with the festival events. The Art House will be showing two hour film sessions daily with films chosen from 45 options that last anywhere from three to 94 minutes. Community members will have the opportunity to meet and discuss the work of tribal leaders and award-winning filmmakers. With collaboration from nonprofit organizations and local businesses, “we can really take this to a completely different level,” says Tim Lewis, an EEFF volunteer with a history of video production work in environmental areas. The event has numerous indoor and outdoor activities for all ages. Lewis says he would like participants “to become involved for the next year” and “see the possibilities” of what the future holds for EEFF.

Eugene Environmental Film Festival is a 10-day event from Sept. 29 to Oct. 8. WildCraft Cider Works hosts the kick-off party 8 pm Sept. 29 at 232 Lincoln St. The Art House will be showing all the films at 492 E. 13th Ave. Tickets for films can be bought at and are $15 for adults, $12 for students, seniors, children and EBT recipients, and the Festival Pass is $180. For information on other activities and cost, visit

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