Holvey Retains His Seat

State Rep. Paul Holvey retains his seat in the Oct. 3 recall campaign

State Rep. Paul Holvey, who faced a recall election this week, has kept his seat, according to the most recent’Lane County Elections results, which show that out of 11,261 votes cast and counted at 8 pm, 10, 104 of them were against the recall and only 1, 122 were in favor.

While enough signatures were gathered to put the recall on the ballot, signature gatherers did not always say they were gathering signatures against Holvey, but rather asked voters questions such as “Do you support grocery store workers?”

Holvey’s campaign issued a statement saying, “I’m so grateful to my community for standing with me to soundly reject this recall effort. Today we sent a strong message that one deep-pocketed group who doesn’t get their way can’t abuse the recall system to deceive a community and intimidate elected officials.”

Holvey went on to thank unions, organizations, legislative colleagues, and community leaders and said, “I hope that members of UFCW 555 hold UFCW’s leadership and individuals behind this recall accountable for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars from their dues, without making a single worker’s life better. I know that I, the Oregon Democrat caucuses, and every other union who opposed this recall will continue to share union values and fight for all workers including the hardworking rank and file members of UFCW 555.”

While The Register-Guard says it received a statement from the recall campaign, Eugene Weekly has not received one.

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