From A First Show To A 50-Year Retrospective

The Emerald Art Center hosts three exhibits through Jan. 5

Light Years by Guy Weese.

The Gold de Light Years — A Retrospective chronicles Guy Weese’s 50-year visual diary, the Eugene photographer’s journey of capturing the attitude of gratitude with the art form, mostly works of nature. And his work is on full display this month at the Emerald Art Center. “There are lots of spiritual elements to it,” Weese notes in his artist statement. “To capture a moment, a moment that’s here, then gone (and not repeatable ever again).” It is, he adds, a mysterious way of “‘capturing time’ while time is passing.” Weese is joined at the exhibit by fellow photographer David Becker, whose work strives to take a viewer through a surreal world of imagination and sometimes raise awareness of environmental issues, and painter Alaina Shea, whose Flowers, Faces and Places exhibit is her first professional show.    

The Emerald Art Center, located at 500 Main Street in Springfield, hosts photography exhibits from Guy Weese and David Becker as well as a painting exhibit from Alaina Shea through Jan. 5. Gallery hours are 11 am to 4 pm Tuesday through Saturday. The show is sponsored by Photography at Oregon. FREE.