Photo by Derick Smith.

‘Goddamn White Trash’

An electric night with timeless music awaits Eugene

Heavy synth-pop meets dystopian electronic rock when Ministry and Gary Numan with Front Line Assembly perform at McDonald Theatre Feb. 29. The band Ministry began in 1981 and through the years has developed a harsher and more stylized sound. Twitch, The Land of Rape and Honey and The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste are just a few of their early popular albums released in the ’80s. Ministry has received six Grammy nominations and continues to produce new albums such as Moral Hygiene in 2021. March 1 dates the release of Ministry’s newest Album HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES. A few songs are already out, including “B.D.E.” “Goddamn White Trash” and “Just Stop Oil.” Gary Numan has rocked on since the ’70s. He led the band Tubeway Army and produced the 1979 Replicas album, which reached the top charts in the U.K. Riding the solo train, Numan’s sound has included jazz and funk. The worldwide hit “Cars” has stayed popular since it was released in 1979 with its android-like singing: “Here in my car/ I feel safest of all/ I can lock all my doors/ It’s the only way to live in cars.” Most recently, Numan’s 2021 Intruder album consists of the songs “Betrayed,” “The Gift” and “I Am Screaming.” One night only, timeless artists play their funky craft.

Ministry and Gary Numan with Front Line Assembly perform 7 pm Feb. 29 at McDonald Theatre, 1010 Willamette St. General admission tickets are $45 and 21+ balcony tickets are $60.

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