Murder Mysteries

Who doesn’t love a good story about unsolved crimes?

As a longtime Law & Order: Special Victims Unit watcher and a fan of Mary Higgins Clark’s fictional books, I have found crime stories captivating. Recently, I have found different crime podcasts to be a news source through storytelling. The latest podcast episode I listened to was from Wild Crime: Murder in the Rocky Mountains by 20/20. As a Colorado native, the title stood out to me. 

I also just listened to the 48 Hours podcast episode “Shattered Dreams” about a woman falling down the stairs in March 2011, but her death was ruled as murder with evidence that she was beaten and strangled. Dateline also has podcasts of secrets, lies and murder, such as the episode “The Killer on Camera 4” about a firefighter murdered and found to be caught in a love triangle. 

Each show tells a story about the reality of what is going on in our world, where heinous crimes are committed. True crime can be a guilty pleasure, and consuming it while pondering why it’s being told and who is telling the story of those directly impacted is key.Episodes are released frequently. I listen to them on the Podcast app on my iPhone. You can also listen to the 20/20 podcast at, 48 Hours at and Dateline at

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