The Brothers Lawrence (Postponed)

Today’s electronic generation is lowering the music production learning curve so rapidly that many producers can’t even legally get into venues where their music is played. Take Disclosure, the UK-born-and-bred house duo consisting of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, who are only 21 and 18 respectively.  Continue reading 

Electronica Frontiersmen

In five years, when zombies overrun us, Alfred Darlington is going to look back on these days as the golden age of electronic music. Darlington, better known by the production moniker Daedelus (pictured), tells EW that he would prefer the zombies to be of the slow, mindless variety.  Continue reading 

Game On!

Board games and booze at The Barn Light

Monday nights are usually reserved for recovering from a big weekend or loathing the realities of a new week. At The Barn Light, however, Mondays take on a new meaning: game night.  Sure, it’s nothing compared to the rowdiness of Eugene’s weekend bar scene, but that’s not the intention. On Monday nights, Barn Light is like the ultimate living room with a stocked bar, baristas and board games at the ready. Game night isn’t about whom you know or what you’re wearing, it’s about coming together and rolling the dice.  Continue reading 

Filthy Hippie Music

There is a common misconception about conscious hip hop. “I don’t give a fuck, you can call us conscious, but rappers hit the stage spitting fucking nonsense,” Aaron Harris raps on the latest Eastern Sunz EP, Filthy Hippie Music, a sly retort on being labeled as environmental hip-hop artists. “I think of it as a compliment in some ways,” says Harris, a UO grad student studying urban planning.  Continue reading 

The Neon Bro Spectacle

Connor Martin really wants to party with you. In fact he’s driving up and down the entire West Coast building an army of eccentric, neon-clad youth. Con Bro Chill, Martin’s wacky, power-party pop troupe embraces the bombastic, donning neon garb from head to toe. And, yes, that includes neon loafers.  Continue reading 

Texas Grunge Rock Rebels

Eugene is about to swallow a whole lot of Austin, Tex., grunge-rock vigor; The Blind Pets are inspired by a DIY attitude and a complete lack of concern or sympathy for bullshit rock ’n’ roll.  “Rock and roll on a bigger level is taking a dump,” says guitarist and vocalist Joshua Logan, referencing prog rock bands like Muse as the enemy to true rock. “People think of Muse as rock and it’s just not.”  Continue reading