Pride and Joy

June 26, 2015, 6:30 am. I drift into wakefulness, my darling Wifey asleep beside me, the window air conditioner whirring in its valiant effort to keep our bedroom cool overnight. The cats are still curled up, too early even for their breakfast yowling. Continue reading 


We could be electing a feminist president, a champion for women — totally awesome! But we’d better brace ourselves. With Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democratic candidate, we’re barreling into an 18-month spin cycle of hateful hype.  I’m not talking about our reasonable objections to her stance on climate, fracking, GMOs, Wall Street, foreign policy and real stuff like that. Of course we should be challenging her and pushing her toward greener and more peaceful policies.  Continue reading 

It’s a Date!

Whatcha doing on Tuesday, April 28? I’ll pause here for however many thumb taps, finger swipes or page flicks it takes to check your calendar. Nothing? No idea what’s happening that date? Any guesses? No, it’s not the launch date for Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda’s new sitcom, which doesn’t premier on Netflix until May 8. Awesome, and worth noting in your date book, but not the correct answer. Continue reading 

Twice Blessed

For people like me who are Jewish and queer It’s especially hard at this time of the year When gentiles assume that we all are alike Like straight folks ignore that you’re really a dyke   When people around you are into a thing That makes them rejoice, get nostalgic and sing And all the whole time, it’s a thing that’s not yours And YOUR thing’s a thing everybody ignores   Or else they just act like both things are the same Continue reading 

Thanksgiving 2014

Each year at this time in the month of November I like to take stock, settle back and remember The good things in life, all the stuff I hold dear So I stop to say “Thanks!” as Thanksgiving draws near   I know being grateful is good for my soul So today I say thanks for my cereal bowl Which I found at Goodwill for just 99 cents A very affordable household expense   I give thanks for this bowl of organic granola And try not to fret too much over Ebola Continue reading 

The New Normal

When was the last time you went to the movies and felt like the picture validated lesbian existence? So rare, right? I’ve learned not to expect any affirmation of my sexual orientation from the motion picture industry. When I venture beyond the comfort and homophobia-free haven of home to go to the cinema, I brace myself for the onslaught of sexist heterosexuality and male fantasy, which, let’s face it, is pretty much the imagination span of most films out there.  Continue reading 

Can’t Get Used to It

Marriage apartheid’s over in our state (woo hoo!) so there’s no reason to continue referring to my lawfully wedded wife as “my partner.” I should call her “my wife,” but I still catch myself saying “partner.” I did it just the other day when I was explaining why I needed my laptop screen replaced and told the tech guy that my partner stepped on it. I gauged the situation in that second-nature queer safety-check thing we do, and added, “She feels pretty bad about it.”  Continue reading 

Got Religious Freedom?

But is it enough? A group of Oregon’s anti-gay Christians, going by the catchy name “Friends of Religious Liberty” (an offshoot of the homo-hating Oregon Family Council) want more freedom than that. They want their very own special freedom — the freedom to discriminate. Continue reading 

Thanksgiving 2013

My custom each year in this month of November Is taking time out to reflect and remember To treasure my blessings, to offer my thanks For the good things in life, such as not wearing Spanx No need to contain, or squeeze in, or shape up And my breasts do not have to live inside a cup I’m thankful that most of the time I can be Relaxed and at large, or in other words FREE My body is fine as it is, I have learned Though calories eaten exceed those I’ve burned Continue reading