Heroes 2.2: “Lizards”

Bad Molly: I couldn’t, for some reason, stop talking during this episode. What’s that? Who’s he talking about? Isn’t that related to X, Y and/or Z? What did Mr. Bennett mean by that? Etc., etc., etc. No wonder my boyfriend started doing laundry instead of watching with me. Sorry, yo.

But I did watch, all the same, and while this week’s recap will probably not be as in-depth as last, I’m still going to natter on for awhile, because that is what blogs are for. So: Episode 2: “Lizards,” aka The One In Which Claire Does Dumb Things. As always, after the jump there are spoilers for the story so far!

Well, let’s see here. Claire does dumb things. And then more dumb things. Also, she cuts off her pinky toe, which is all kinds of squicky but kind of funny, too. (It’s got to take more pressure than a regular old pair of sewing scissors wielded by a 17-year-old to really do that, right?) I want to think that your average person would take her overtalking about evolution in science class as a sign of a young lady who reads too much science fiction, but she should know better. She should definitely know better than to march into her dad’s work and start talking about her powers. And I do wish they’d spent more time building up her desire to test herself; it appears to be coming from absolutely nowhere.

Weird stalker boy. Weird, weird stalker boy. Why is he spying on her? Why does he seem to know something? I am full of lack of trust.

The writers are totally playing with us with regard to Hiro and Kensei. Did Kensei regenerate, or did Hero back up time? I definitely thought there was some regeneration/super-healing afoot, but I admit to being a little disappointed; I really wanted the swordsmith’s daughter to be the legendery hero, and, barring that, I’d settle for Hiro (resisting the urge to add the last name Protagonist; any Neal Stephenson fans will know what I’m on about). I’m very much enjoying Hiro’s super-strong grasp on his powers, though I think it made not a lick of sense to have Kensei get hit with those arrows at all: Why on earth didn’t Hiro stop them as he did before? Show, show, show. (She says, shaking her head.) Try, just try, to keep your internal logic intact?

Maya and Alejandro: I figured out about a minute before he reversed her power that their wonder-twin powers were definitely going to activate, but why couldn’t it be the other way around for once? My favorite bloggers are continually noting the deeply flawed gender dynamics of this show, and what I love is that they, like me, love it all the same; they just want it to do better. I too want it to do better. But here we have Maya, who cries tears of death until her brother sucks them back up and makes everything better. Sigh.

Not much from the Parkman & Molly show this time, though I loved Mama Petrelli telling Parkman to get out of her head – and the scene where something is most definitely in the room with her. But it wasn’t a figure in a hoodie, that’s for sure. I wish they’d spend more time on the remaining members of the older generation and less on Claire acting out (and, quite unbelievably, getting her car stolen).

And then there was Peter. Oh, Peter. I still miss your flopsy bangs, but I like this new, controlled super-mutant (though once again with the girl rescuing! They couldn’t have at least let her have a chance to defend herself?). I like that he appears to have Forrest’s — sorry, wrong show; DL’s — power, too (where ARE DL and Niki? Oh, in next week’s previews, that’s where!). A box of memories! Oh, how meaningful. If the poor boy’s got telekinesis mastered (from Sylar, I’m guessing?) why wouldn’t he just mentally snatch it out of the (badly-accented) Irish guy’s hand?

What was that I said about internal logic, show? WORK ON IT.

Anyway, must run. Sorry to be half-assed. At the moment, my heart belongs to the second season of Weeds, even though I’d prefer much more plot, much less pot. I’m just sayin’.