Heroes: Oops.

So, yeah. I dropped the ball on the Heroes recaps. In short: The show got really stupid. Then it got a lot better. Then it got stupid again. Now, lord knows what it’ll do, as the Writers Guild of America strike will take its toll on this and every other show (note: I’m not complaining! I’m on the side of the writers, of course. But it’s a fact that this is going to disrupt programming all the same). I’ve read — but can’t currently find the link for the story — that an alternate ending to an upcoming episode was written in advance, and that if the strike can’t be resolved, it’ll be reshot and turned into a season finale. Which is pretty dire, really.

But shows are always a few weeks ahead, so we’ll see a few new episodes, and I will — I swear — recap them. I’ll make it a Tuesday morning, first-cup-of-coffee habit.

I tried to do this with Grey’s, but I fell off the bandwagon. What is it with TV this season?

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