Not About Heroes

So I can’t blog about last night’s Heroes episode because the men’s basketball game ran long and I haven’t watched it yet. Alas.

The game went well enough, I suppose, but these early games are getting a little dull, and the team seems to be a bit all over the place; one night we’re bitching about how Malik Hairston seems to have no fire, no spark, and the next he’s taking control of the team. One night we think Kamyron Brown is the next best thing to happen to the Ducks, and the next the ball is slipping out of his fingers. It’ll be an interesting season — eventually. But these itty bitty games aren’t holding my attention as much as I wish they would.

But ANYWAY (tm Klosterman), I came here to type about something else. Something awesome. Something magical. It reminds me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power. THIS BABE:

Next weekend, starting with a Thanksgiving matinee, the Bijou will be showing Labyrinth — a shiny new print, no less. I almost went to Portland when one of the McMenamins was showing a shiny new Labyrinth print … but now all I have to do is stay up until 2 am to watch it here. Sweet!

But, er, all self-centeredness aside, you really ought to go see the Most Awesome David Bowie Movie Ever Made (no, The Hunger totally doesn’t count). Who cares that Jennifer Connelly never talks about having been in this film, like she’s for some idiotic reason ashamed of it? Who cares that a few of the effects are laughably dated? The goblins are awesome. The little worm who invites Sarah in for a cup o’ tea is awesome. Everything is awesome except the Fierys, who kind of freak me out. The Helping Hands? (“She chose down? She chose DOWN!”) Ludo? (“Smell …. BAAAAD!”) Hoggle? Nasty little fairies? My mom erupting into hysterical laughter over the Bowie crotch shot? (Oops, sorry; wasn’t going to talk about my experience with this brilliant flick anymore.)

There’s just so much to love. And to quote. Labyrinth will be showing LateNite at the Bijou Nov. 23-25 and Dec. 1 & 2 and hey, if you want to make it into some kind of Rocky Horror thing? I’m totally game.