Things to Be Sad About

I love Augurie. But very shortly, that sentence will become past tense: after less than a year in business, owner Dagua Webb Nelson is closing up shop — and soon. The space will be taken over by neighboring salon Rapunzel, which is cool enough, but it’s not a store full of cute cards and dresses I dream of being able to wear. Still, I understand. We stopped in on the way back from a coffee run today ’cause there were sale signs all over the place and wound up getting the news of the impending close along with Sugar Lips goodies and beautiful letterpress cards at half-price. One less awesome store for Eugene, sure, but Webb Nelson seems relaxed and happy about her decision. Even if it takes her and her lovely aesthetic out of town, that’s something to be happy about.

(I’m at work on a holiday and looking for the positives, OK?)

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