UO Duck-o-Terrorism

Looks like the UO has become the national poster child for vulgar sports fans. A “Over the Top” Feb. 26 article in Sports Illustrated leads with the example of the UO:

“Kevin Love knew it would be bad. But not this bad. Sure, he’d chosen UCLA over Oregon after being the consensus national player of the year as a senior at Lake Oswego (Ore.) High — but what happened to his home state’s rep for peace, love and understanding? On Jan. 23, the day before the ­Bruins-Ducks showdown in Eugene, Love found more than 30 voice-mail messages on his cellphone when UCLA stopped for a layover in San Francisco. He listened to the first one: If you guys win, we’ll come to your house and kill your family. He played another: We’ll find your hotel room and blow your f—— head off with a shotgun. He ­didn’t bother to check the rest. ‘I mean, these were death threats,’ Love says.”

Death threats are usually serious crimes. Maybe the authorities should take some of the zeal they use to track down campus music pirates and check some phone company records?