Could You Describe the Ruckus, Sir?

True Story*: Several (OK, six) years ago when I was still living in New York, I went out a couple of times with a fellow who knew another Molly. Yeah, that one. The Ringwald. This was a source of awe and wonder, of course, but I tried not to bring it up; that would be, like, dorky of me. Still, there came an evening when this fellow called me from a party at That Molly’s house. There is no post-teenage shock like seeing RINGWALD, MOLLY on your caller ID. Did I take a picture? You bet your DVD of The Breakfast Club I did. Molly Ringwald wasn’t just the face of the teenagers a few years older than me; she was someone who made being a Molly cool back before it became the sort of name I hear yelled in the supermarket once a month. Now, I’m just as inclined to admire the source of this name of mine, the brilliant Molly Haskell.

But I digress. Point is, there’s a great, if fluffy (in a good way) story about the Hughes Effect that you might want to read when you’ve got a few minutes. And don’t miss the slideshow. I can’t believe they didn’t mention Cameron — er, I mean, Alan Ruck — in his tiny but awesome role in Star Trek: Generations!

* Don’t forget: You must read this in Jon from The Real World: Los Angeles fashion! “TAAH-ROOO STORE-AY!”

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