Portland: You’re Failing Me

So, yes, I strongly dislike the book Twilight, even though I couldn’t be spoken to while I read it; it’s one of those Pringles books that’s terrible for you (does the world need any more impossibly-perfect heroines who can’t do a damn thing for themselves?) and impossible to stop reading. BUT. I have a weakness for poor doomed (please, we are so out of spoiler territory on this one) Hogwarts student Cedric Diggory. When means I like Robert Pattinson, who played Cedric and is now playing Twilight‘s ever so romantic vampiric lead Edward Cullen in the movie adaptation (coming out in December). And in this MTV Movies Blog interview, Pattison says he’s been “playing in Portland” while shooting there.

Oh, CRIKEY. Somebody find out where and tell me, mmmkay?

(Not like it’d be publicized, I’m sure of that. But it’d be kinda neat to happen upon.)

(OK, OK, I’ll just keeping imagining the wildly unlikely.)